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Every "hit record" or commercial recording that you hear on the radio or in your home has been Digitally "Mastered". It is a process by which your final mixes are examined, gently equalized and adjusted for proper balance and tone. Mastering can raise the average level of your final mixes so that your music is perceived to be "as loud" as the rest of your competition, a real advantage.

In addition, certain digital codes should be inserted into the data stream to enable commercial CD players to properly read and play your CD.

Lane Cameron Music Services does all of this "fine tuning" at a remarkably low price with your satisfaction guaranteed. If your final mix sound quality is not quite up to par, or is tonally out of balance, give mastering a try. You are sure to be happier with the end result.

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We also "Burn" CDs at our facility. If you need just a few CDs, or a special custom order, call us for a price quote.

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