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Lane Cameron Music Services
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Reno, Nevada
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LANE CAMERON MUSIC SERVICES of Reno, Nevada is a music complex dedicated to fulfilling your musical needs in a variety of ways. We offer the following services:

RECORDING STUDIO :   World class digital recording in our studio at very reasonable prices.
DIGITAL MASTERING :   Put the finishing touches on your recordings to give them a competitive edge.
MIDI SEQUENCING :   Fully produced Master Quality arrangements of your music.
NEVADA PRO :   High Quality Midi Sequences especially designed for Live Performances.
MUSIC LESSONS :   On Guitar and Piano (all styles) and Tutoring at all levels regarding computers and music.
LIVE MUSIC :   Hire an Entertaining Single, Duo, Trio or Quartet for your party, reception or dance.
ABOUT LANE :   Information about the Founder.
CONTACT INFO :   Email addresses, Web sites, Phone numbers and Favorite links.
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